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bright, natural & genuine portrait photography

For almost ten years I have had the absolute pleasure of capturing hundreds of families and their stories.  As a mama to three littles, I know first hand how fast time some days you pull your babies from their beds and overnight they've grown.  Someone once told me to cherish even the smallest of moments, because you won't know its "the last time" until it's gone.  The last time you rock her to sleep...the last time he needs help tying his shoes.  All the thousands of little moments that sometimes make us crazy?? They'll be missed...eventually.  

So this is what we do.  We capture it.  We get in front of the camera with our kids.  We let go of perfection.  We embrace the real.  I promise I will laugh with your family, I will tickle bellies and make funny faces.  We will talk and play and capture you genuinely as you are.  I also promise, from one parent to another, these images will be some of your most treasured possessions.  So don't wait.  They'll be bigger tomorrow. Lets remember today.

"Caylin has been capturing our family's special moments for years, and she is absolutely incredible.  Her professionalism and expertise is unmatched. From my maternity session, to our most recent "snow day" shoot, and every birthday and grandparent moment in between, I can relax knowing she is behind the camera. My daughter lights up when we have a session scheduled and she can't wait to have "Miss Caylin take pictures." No matter the weather, or whatever bad day we might be having, Caylin always manages to make us look like rockstars. I'll be a client for life and only hope she is still in photography when it comes time for my own daughters wedding."

                                                                                         ~Caroline B.

Kind words

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-Mary Oliver

pay attention. be astonished. tell about it. 






$425 + tax
-45-60 minute session
-on location shooting
- up to 5 people
($25 for each additional person).
- print release
-online gallery
-50+ edited images
-3-4 week image delivery

newborn lifestyle

$525 + tax


-2-3 hour session

-on location shooting

- print release

-online gallery

-60+ edited images

-3-4 week image delivery

belly to baby

$850 + tax
-1 maternity session
-1 newborn session 
-on location shooting
- print release
-online gallery
-50+ edited images per session
-3-4 week image delivery

milestone collection

$1650 + tax
-(1) newborn session
-(1) 3 month session
-(1) 6-9 month session 
-(1) 12 month session  
-on location shooting
- print release
-online gallery
-40+ edited images per session
-3-4 week image delivery

$195-$275 + tax
offered on specific dates and various locations throughout the year


what to wear

First things first, no matchy matchy! The key is to coordinate, not match.  I personally like to select an outfit for one family member and pull coordinating colors from it to incorporate into everyone else's looks. I always recommend a neutral color palate....creams, grays, tans, greens, soft pastels.  To me, this gives your photos a bright and timeless look.  And definitely don't shy away from varying textures, layers and accessories that will add a "pop" to your overall look.  That being said...if you are a bright, bold spunky family or couple, by all means, do you!!  At the end of the day these photos are a reflection of YOUR story, just as it is now.  


Luckily, gorgeous images can be created just about any time of day with the right eye and use of location.  But in a perfect world, I love love love to shoot in the early evening, when the sun has fallen from the mid day sky and that "golden hour" glow sets in.  

what to bring

Whenever there are Littles, there must be snacks,  Preferably minimally messy, non-sticky ones (leave those blue lollipops in the car for AFTER the session).  Does your  husband play a guitar for the kiddos?  Do you have a quilt your grandmother made?  Feel free to bring it.  This session is about you and your family. What matters to you, belongs.


Newborns are on their own schedules,  so we allow plenty of time for feedings, changing, and breaks to make sure your precious peanut is captured just the way you imagined. We will capture a variety of images, both posed and "lifestyle," using the elements of your baby's first home and the amazing connection you share as a new family. Newborn sessions are best within the first three weeks of life and can be held at a location of your choosing, but are best in your home where we can capture your little one in their space.




Check out the website & fill out a contact form to get in touch.



tell me all about it so we can chose the perfect location and time for your session.



schedule your portrait time, pay your deposit and sign your portrait contract.



enjoy some family time, laugh a lot, play with your kids, kiss your hubby....I'll capture your story.



online digital gallery is delivered 3-4 weeks after your session and available for digital download.



become a CMP Early Access member so you never miss scheduling updates or special portrait events!

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  • How would you describe your style?
    I like to think my images are a good mix of candid lifestyle moments and modern portraiture. Bright. Natural. Genuine. Some of my absolute favorite images are the images where no one is looking at my camera but rather interacting with each other. Why? Because nothing is more important than capturing the connection and love you have as a family. That’s what I want you to see when you look at your images… that they are filled with love and that they represent your story, just as it is, right in this moment.
  • Why should we take family photos? I take tons of pictures of my kids! Is it really that important?
    Oh my goodness, YES!! For me, photography isn’t just for us. It’s for our children and our grandchildren. And one of the few opportunities we have to give them a glimpse at our past happiness and family history. Trust me… Your kids will LOVE looking back at your engagement photos, your maternity photos when Mommy’s belly was “sooo bigger” (as my daughter says), and at how small they were at their One Year session with cake all over their face. And you will LOVE watching them enjoy them. Plus, I’m a mom, so I am guilty of this too… BUT… you should be IN your photos and let’s face it; you are usually behind the camera, right? Moments are fleeting. And THIS time of your life will never be here again. Capture it.
  • I’m ready to book! What comes next?
    Great! I can’t wait for our session!! The best way to contact me is directly through this site. Simply fill out the contact form (and triple check that your email address is correct) and I will get back to you. We will chat about dates and location and get you scheduled. Once all of that is agreed upon, I will email you a welcome packet where you can tell me a little bit more about yourself and what you are hoping to document. Simply return the forms to me with your deposit, and you are all set!
  • What if my kids won’t smile? What if my husband dreads family picture day?
    Ok… we know sometimes picture day isn’t at the top of the list for Dad and the kiddos. But, this is supposed to be fun! And we will do everything we can to make it that way. Quick + Painless + Low-Stress is always the goal. I want this to be just another hour of fun for you and your family. We are capturing natural interactions as well as portraits. We will talk about the things you love… you can tickle and joke and snuggle…. And all of this will help coax natural smiles and true happiness from all of those involved.
  • Our session just ended and we can’t wait to see our photos! How will I receive them and how long will it take?
    Trust me… I know you are excited. But probably not as excited as I am for you to see your photos! I try to post a preview of your session on my photography Facebook page and/or blog (so be sure to like it!) within 2-3 days. Then, 2-3 weeks later you will receive a digital link of your gallery and a print release. All of your images can be downloaded and saved directly from your link and reproduced as you please. is a great website for prints!
  • Portrait Deposits and Rescheduling?
    Half of the session fee is due at the time of booking and can be sent to me with your completed Welcome Packet. That portrait deposit secures the date and time of your session. The balance is then due on the day of. Deposits are non-refundable. BUT…I get it…things happen. You can reschedule up to 48 hours before your session and your deposit will transfer to your new session date. If you cancel and do not reschedule your session, your deposit will be forfeited. If weather issues prevent your session from happening, no worries….We will touch base as soon as possible and make the call on rescheduling.



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