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  • Wife. Mama. Believer.

  • Type A. (but will settle for organized chaos most days)

  • Night owl.

  • Fancy pens. A good old fashion paper calendar.

  • Lover of the "in between moments."

  • Fiercely honest. My face will give me away. EVERY. TIME.

  • Nikon gear. Prime lenses. Mac..

  • Grey everything. 

  • Cooking with my husband.

  • A good plan. And watching it unfold.

  • Instagram.


I am a wife to my favorite guy...Mama to two darling little ladies and the two sweetest boys.  They are my heart. And the crazy chaos that fuels life right now?? I'm 100% certain I will miss matter how long some days may feel. I want to remember it all.  I'm super type A but will settle for organized chaos most days. I've got a thing for lists (and crossing things off them), fancy pens, a good old fashion paper calendar and really anything that makes me feel like I've got it together...because...4 kids.  I know you mamas understand!. You can usually find me with a cup of coffee and a Nikon in hand.  And almost certainly my phone battery will be on its last 10%.  When I'm not chasing kiddos (yours or mine) or editing photos, you can usually find me in Home Goods or binge watching something on Netflix until 3am.  I will also look at our family albums over and over again, never tiring of reliving our moments, the little ones and the big ones.  And THAT is why I love photography.  To me, it's the most important thing.  Building traditions, capturing the everyday, leaving the legacy.  

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Christmas tree picking. Cookie Day baking. Family quilt cuddling. First day of school dresses. Birthday letters. A million little memories for my kids to hold on to.


The Hubby

The best daddy.  The "let's think it through" to my "let's jump." The "do anything for anyone" guy. 

The Tornado

No but for real... this boy is into EVERYTHING.  And has catapulted me into the new reality of being a "boy mom." But he is just the happiest.

The Free Spirit

Loud and hilarious.  Seriously, you might never meet a funnier kid. This girl knows exactly who she is.  


The Helper

My sensitive old soul.  The little mama.  Sweet with a side of sass.

The Newbie

Our littlest love...a few years new and the missing piece to our family puzzle.

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